Short Hills Hunt Makes Mockery of Social Sacrifices By Others

I’m reblogging Heather’s posting about the immorality of the Short Hills Hunt allowed every year by the Ontario Government. There is nothing I can add to this, actually, it says it all.
PS Trigger warning in photos.


Written by:  Heather Clemenceau

(Please note that this blog includes graphic images)

Doe teats tacked onto a tree, for reasons known only to the hunters.

Now, more than ever, the Short Hills Hunting Protocol is revealed as a useless, non-binding document whereby neither party to the protocol have  the means nor the will to adhere to or enforce it. It makes no effort to address the current COVID pandemic as do other government health advisories for hunters. Restaurants in Niagara had previously required ID to prove that patrons were local, but anyone can attend this hunt without concern for coronavirus restrictions.  Occupants of parked cars mingled freely with each other, while the Six Nations have declared an outbreak crisis after an upsurge of cases

The Quebec government, published a guideline specifically to be used by hunters during the pandemic:

  • Follow physical distancing measures by keeping a two-metre distance…

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